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Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industry Co., Ltd.
Fabricant sur mesure
Principaux produits:Accueil Textile
Classé n° 2 les plus populaires dans Autres couverturesAnnual sales US $1,150,526,752OEM for well-known brandsCompetitive OEM factoryMinor customization
2YRSJiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industry Co., Ltd.
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Informations de base
Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a core member of Jiangsu Guotai International Group Co., Ltd. Import and export trade as the main business, it is engaged in the export business of all kinds of textile yarn, fabrics, garments, textiles, accessories, and import business of commodities such as textile raw materials.The company integrates production, R&D and trade, and has invested in the establishment of a number of entities for the successive years, centering on import and export industry to make it bigger and stronger. The company is committed to becoming a comprehensive supply chain management service provider for international apparel brands, retail channels and large traders. The company provides a package of service for core customers and suppliers, including financial services, market information, product, development, cost optimization, quality management, logistics collaborative management and risk prevention and control.The company strives to create value for clients, employees and society.As a key member of Jiangsu Guotai International Group CO., LTD., Guotai Huasheng has developed and expanded to be the market leader in its sector over the last 30 years. With import and export trading as its major business, its foreign trade in clothing, fabrics, yarns, home textiles, accessories, raw materials is very prosperous. It owns numbers of international offices in 9 countries.From its 7 domestic owned plants, its 4 overseas plants based in Myanmar and Cambodia, and a multiple of overseas bases in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and Ethiopia, Guotai Huasheng has been continuously expanding its production bases.Guotai Huasheng prides itself on delivering a quality product of the highest standard and being to the forefront of fashion innovation. As a result of maintaining strong focus in its own domestic market it now connects the world through its foreign trade. To grasp opportunities in regional integration and development in the Yangtze River Delta, Guotai Huasheng has built co-operative partnerships with a large number of enterprises in surrounding cities in order to enhance its business and market intelligence.Guotai Huasheng has continuously expanded its supply chain for raw materials, yarns, fabrics, dyeing and printing to final products, and has formed unique competitive advantages in cost control and efficiency in its supply chain management.In the year 2020, the company's exports will exceed 1 billion USD.Guotai Huasheng has been attracting global talents in design and research and development. From its design and product development centre in London to its international offices in Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona and Los Angeles ensures it is to the forefront of fashion trends and the development of new innovative products.20 R&D centres incorporating yarns, knit wears, woven wears, sweaters and home textiles, contribute to the integration of all major processes concerning the clothing industry from sampling, trimming, tailoring and made-up products. Over 500 talented designers and technical experts worldwide contribute to the innovation and development of its product. Its advanced Information management systems, from 3D design to production planning through to delivery of product ensures it can deliver a high-quality product in a relatively short lead time.
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Type d’entreprise
Fabricant sur mesure
Pays / région
Jiangsu, China
Produits principauxNombre d’employés total
Above 1000 People
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Sewing machine
Automatic quilt cover sewing machine
Automatic blanket sewing machine

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Taille de l’usine
10,000-30,000 square meters
Lieu de l’usine
No. 125, Renmin Middle Road, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Nbre de lignes de production
Above 10
Fabrication sous contrat
OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered
Valeur de la production annuelle
Above US$100 Million

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Home Textile
500,000 Pcs / Month

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Needle Detector